About Us

Established in 1995 with a strong heritage of Technical Knitting applied to Industrial Applications, Preform Technologies are manufactures of Weft Knitted fabrics and shaped preforms which deliver performance, ease of application, and savings.

Our fabrics service a broad range of industrial sectors, and meet the demands of extreme conditions across Wet, Dry and Challenging Environments. Our expertise in Fabric Engineering and ability to process a diverse range of fibre types coupled with the “Low Cost” set up of V-Bed knitting technology, allows customers to quickly evaluate the benefits of our weft knitted fabrics and preforms.

From “Step-Reduction” during processing of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) components, Knitted preforms simplify tool loading by eliminating the cutting and fabricating of conventional substrate materials such as Chopped Fibre Mat, and Woven or Multi-Axial Fabrics, saving time and reducing waste.

Continued investment in the latest technology and “State of the art” V-bed knitting equipment, maintains our leading position at the cutting edge of “Product Development” In new and existing markets. 

Our recently developed ability to manufacture Carbon Fibre preforms, opens the door to new horizons across Automotive, Aerospace and Marine applications introducing our fabrics and preforms to CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Product) manufacturers.

A world first for V-Bed knitting, producing shaped Carbon Fibre products.