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Glass Reinforced Plastics.

Loading an injection tool with Glass Fibre Mat, Multi-Axial or conventional woven fabrics which require cutting and positioning to fit is laborious, time consuming and expensive. A one piece reinforcement or Preform, which can be loaded directly into the tool, results in a reduction in load time, increased tool efficiency, higher productivity, and genuine cost saving.


Thermal Insulation.

We manufacture an increasing range of Glass and Silica insulation fabrics, engineered to customer requirements in blanket or tubular forms. With various specifications relating to performance, weight and thickness, for stress relief, cable and pipe shielding applications.


Inserts for Chainsaw Protection.

The demand for improved performance of PPE led to our collaboration with a leading manufacturer of protective clothing, resulting in the production of insert panels for Gloves and Mittens with improved performance, incorporating additional flexibility for comfort and grip.


Filtration Products.

Our involvement within the Rail Transport and water treatment industries extends to both wet and dry environments, leading to spin-offs in desiccant containment, Molecular Sieve Socks and spawning blankets for commercial fish farming.


As part of our programme of continuous improvement and plant upgrading, we have taken delivery of our new Multi-Gauge  6-12gg Machine.  Commissioning trials are underway and results are looking promising.